• Patients will be required to pay for services on their admission date.
  • Patients with verified insurance will be required to pay their estimated portion ONLY, on the day of surgery.
  • MASTERCARD, VISA, American Express and Discover cards are accepted.
  • The Surgery Center will bill your insurance company as a courtesy; however, the balance due is the patient’s responsibility and payment will be requested from you unless your insurance company pays.

The Surgery Center recognizes its obligation to remain flexible on financial matters. In the event the above statements cannot be met, the Surgery Center will attempt to make other financial arrangements. These arrangements must be made prior to admission.

The fee for use of the Surgery Center includes:

  • routine equipment and supplies
  • routine drugs and anesthetics administered while at the Surgery Center
  • recovery room services
  • operating room time

The fee does NOT include the cost for the professional services of:

  • your surgeon
  • the anesthesiologist
  • an assistant surgeon
  • lab or pathology
  • physician consultants